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Mandating nurse patient ratios

After doing some initial searching, here is what I learned.Mc Hugh and colleagues partially answer this question within the previously mentioned article [1].

Patients may also end up experiencing longer wait times with nurse staffing regulations. [4] 42 CFR 482.23 – Condition of Participation: Nursing Services.

A large influx of patients might not receive immediate treatment since the hospital is required to keep nurse-to-patient ratios at a certain level.

Acuity-based staffing solutions can accurately determine patient need and match nurses with patients to meet those needs in a way that improves patient outcomes and controls costs.

This is rapidly-emerging technology that warrants closer examination.

The ratios might provide a starting point for the development of a staffing plan or serve as a minimum level of staffing.

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But, mandatory staffing ratios alone cannot ensure safe, effective patient care.

In addition, according to the, there are currently 14 states with laws/regulations regarding nurse staffing: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Washington [5].

Of those, California is the only one that has Mandating specific nurse-to-patient staffing ratios allowed nurses in California to spend more time with their patients.

On the other hand, low nurse-to-patient staffing ratios had no impact on patient outcomes when combined with poor working environments [3].

states, “The nursing service must have adequate numbers of licensed registered nurses, licensed practical (vocational) nurses, and other personnel to provide nursing care to all patients as needed” [4, 5].

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