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” Starting in the early 2000s, white supremacists wanted in too.Gradually, Montana became home to the highest concentration of hate groups in the nation.So this woman comes in with a Southern accent, I ask where she’s from, she says Georgia.

When I visited, there were more people of color (at least eight) than I’d seen elsewhere in the valley.

A Hispanic family had driven an hour to visit the church for the first time.

I like not to reel it in and when you're a cartoon you can act as crazy as you want.

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Meanwhile, other forms of hate — more subtle, and more culturally normalized — flourish, virtually unassailed, across the nation.

Moving forward, Whitefish and other towns will have to ask themselves: When does hate cross a line, and what responsibility does a community, and the nation that witnesses it, have to react when it happens? Like a conference room at the Kalispell Hilton Garden Inn, outfitted with about a hundred chairs, a simple podium, and bad ’90s carpet.In the post-election tumult, the story of the troll storm quickly made the national news. These questions concern more than just the residents of this rural corner of Montana.The online trolls who threatened Whitefish may have been terrifying in their anonymity, but like other fascists and neo-Nazis, they were easy to decry.Baldwin believes the South should’ve won the Civil War.He believes that the “castrated churches” of America are terrified of “Judaizers” and hamstrung by political correctness.Here, you can utilize the advantage of multiple databases from both public and private sources, enjoying instant results on your computer screen in the comfort of your own home. Our dynamic police records check management platform provides automated integration to official state, county, local and federal law enforcement sources resulting in an instant delivery of police records reports on-demand.We use information from local and state police, courthouses, county sheriffs' offices and departments of corrections in order to provide you with most accurate and comprehensive police records report.In the Flathead — which includes Kalispell (more industrial, more sprawling, population 22,000), Whitefish (a quaint grid of a resort town, population 7,000), and Columbia Falls (a former timber town, now filling with those priced out of Whitefish, population 5,000) — they mostly keep to themselves.Sometimes there’ll be a piece of Nazi propaganda slipped between pairs of expensive jeans in clothing boutiques; other times there’ll be flyers for “A Nature-Based, Race-Centered Religion for White People” folded in children’s books at the local bookstore.For his various explicitly homophobic, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim preachings, Baldwin and his church have been designated an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.But Baldwin believes he is not a racist, and he declares as much on his website. ” features a single video testimony from a black man who, according to Baldwin’s caption, grew up in the church.

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