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If more parents would give kid a spanking now and then we would not have so many messed up weak worthless children n this nation. The pictures I saw showed welts and some areas where the skin was broken open. Using anything other than a hand is straight out abuse. I come from a family of nine...6 sisters and 2 older brothers.we all felt the wrath of mom and dad.....

This is the kind of punishment masters used to give slaves beatings that leave permanent scars. He might have gotten a little carried away, being that the child is only 4 years old.....but, with that being said, i'm a very strong believer in discipline... Across the backside or the back of the thighs with the hand when needed. I can proudly say that we are ALL very successful in life.....

BETA: The chart data is based on tests taken from a wide range of devices using varying operating systems and browsers.And if you were that doesn't give u carte blanc to do the same!!All I know is back when almost every parent would whoop there kids we had a great nation and respectful children.I wonder if he made the kid cut his own switch as my momma did me?Probably not, giving a 4 year old a knife is much worse than.....The test results reveal the actual bandwidth the user received at the time of the test.Check back regularly to take advantage of our latest features and added server locations, or fill out the contact form on the speed test page and we'll keep you in the loop!I like to study difficult books, and watch science, history,nature programs. Online dating brings singles together who may never otherwise meet.Now with all the liberal feel good tell me how you feel wimpy BS kids shoot up schools and teen TV shows make parents look dumb and kids smart. Back when I was young if a kid did something worn they got scared because dad was gonna tan there hide.

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