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With his assumed identity, Rossell convinced his finacee to buy him a Cadillac Escalade, a Shelby Mustang, and a Can-Am Spyder.He also opened credit cards in her names and accumulated thousands in debt.However, the men more my age that I did swipe right on (ladies, there are some very good looking men on this app), came up with an instant match - every single one. My favourite feature though was 'Moments', it was basically the Rich Kids of Instagram feed but within the app.

It was a little like having a social app within a dating app.

You can also be sure that the men are who they say they are, because when they have been photo-verified and income-verified (by them submitting their tax details to Luxy), they get a little gold 'verified' badge.

After filling out my Luxy profile with a mysterious 'non-disclosure' on income and 'Media Entrepreneur' job title (it asks the sort of questions you would include on an old My Space profile, just in a more sophisticated and mature way), I set about swiping.

After swiping left on a few much older men, I realized one major issue with the app...there was no way to set an age limit.

Also there were a fair few preppy Americans on it so if that's your thing download Luxy and get on a plane to NYC haha. It's definitely interesting and of a much higher calibre, it was refreshing to not have to pretend I know about gap years and hostels and budgeting and eating 2-minute noodles, and it was also refreshing to chat to someone who knows exactly what you're talking about.

But a lot of the guys came across as quite boring and reserved, and just a little too polite for me, and despite the promise of each user being let in based on looks, there were a fair amount of very unattractive old men on there with beer bellies.Whereas with the likes of Tinder I could set the age between 25-35, on Luxy you're stuck using up precious left swipes (you only get a certain amount of swipes per day) on men in their fifties that you would never even consider.It made me feel a little uncomfortable if I'm honest, I wasn't keen on random men older than my own father being able to look at my profile, and send me a message if they had the paid Luxy Black option. There's also a thing called 'Luxy Roses', and during the summer, they had the 'Aloha Flower', which you can send to someone you like the look of.It has nice and eye-pleasant white & pink background which reminds of Sakura, most famous Japanese flower called as cherry blossom outside Asia. If you are looking to join an online dating site, you might want to check out, which many hail as a top-rated dating site.It offers good features, but doesn’t include video chat.Nevertheless, the site has good numbers of subscriptions and can help you spruce up your dating life.Full Review Visit Site Interested in dating an Asian woman or man?Ladies, you will not get any unsolicited d*** pics here, no 'I think you're fit let's go on a date' messages, and no men posing with a drugged up tiger while on a gap year in Thailand.It was a refreshing change after the short time I spent on Tinder last year, which I joined after I felt like I was missing out on sharing hilarious stories with the girls in our various whatsapp groups.And don't worry gents, the same goes for the women too ;) You can see an example below of a guy I matched with in Geneva who was income-verified as having £1million in net assets.So did my experience of the app differ depending on the city I was in? In London there was definitely a much larger amount of fast cars and Europeans visiting the city for the summer.

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