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Don’t be fooled that its simplicity means it can’t be special.Being outdoors in the fresh air is inspiring and a walk’s a great chance to just let the conversation flow.Scour the web and local listings pages for things going on in your area; there might be loads of exhibitions, shows and fairs you had no idea about, some of which could even be free.

Impress a foodie with some home-cooked grub (or just bung a pizza in the oven) and perhaps watch a movie, or just chat.

Tim, Kerri, and Kevin let us know what they will be watching this weekend. A day in the life of a group of men and women in Hollywood, in the hours leading up to a friend's birthday party.

Small Notebook is full of practical ideas to simplify your life and home.

Invest in your love life and your credit rating with these tips…

Plus, we battle with fans over who played the greatest Hudget of all time. Real wages growth is getting perilously close to zero John Peters, Commonwealth Bank "Income tax is the core of the budget, it's the biggest single tax we raise and it continues to undershoot," said Deloitte Access datimg Chris Richardson.

From £552 return Travel time: 14h35m including layover in Germany Room to move.

Date like you’re still in high school and enjoy these fun ideas together. Have a dance party in your living room and dance to your favorite songs from high school. Borrow a movie from the library or find a movie on Hulu and make homemade stovetop popcorn while watching the classics. Pack some cheese, crackers, and grapes and your favorite old quilt and have a picnic on the lawn.

Get dressed up in your most formal clothes and go to the coffee shop as if you’ve just been to a gala. Sit on a sidewalk bench and people watch, making up fake names and stories about the people you see. Play board games and see who is the ultimate Hungry, Hungry Hippos champion.

Plus, tea and coffee shops are a great place to chill and chat and will only set you back a few pounds, and lunch is generally a cheaper option than dinner.

Pick a picnic Is there anything more romantic than a picnic, which you’ve thoughtfully taken the time to prepare for one another?

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