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Long term effects of dating violence

Studies show that 3-4 million children between the ages of 3-17 are at risk of exposure to domestic violence each year. The children of these women often witness the domestic violence.

Childhood sexual trauma is associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, suicide, alcohol problems, and eating disorders.

Survivors may also experience low sexual interest and relationship difficulties and engage in high-risk sexual behaviors and extreme coping strategies.

Studies even suggest that "battered women may use more punitive child-rearing strategies or exhibit aggression toward their children." (Newton)In nearly all cases of abuse, women report feelings of intense worthlessness and inadequacy.

These feelings, although a result of abuse, transcend to other areas of a victim's life, affecting her sense of self-worth and her ability to manage her day-to-day life.

Domestic violence in the workplace is costly to both the victim and to her employer.

A victim may suffer lost work, lost wages, and poor performance appraisals.Little is known about the impact of childhood and adulthood sexual victimization among women from understudied communities (e.g., racial, ethnic, religious, disability, sexual orientation, poor and homeless minorities).There is also an ongoing debate about the heavy reliance on PTSD as a primary diagnosis for survivors.In the most severe cases, women may experience symptoms of a personality disorder, including one that is distinguished by enduring patterns of instability and impulsivity (i.e., Borderline Personality Disorder).Limited data on risk factors suggests that family environment and supportive responses from family and intimate partners may improve mental health and functioning among survivors.Such feelings of sheer worthlessness and helplessness often prevent women from seeking help or from telling others about their experience.Women who are abused may withdraw from social activities, friends, or family.They may choose to no longer participate in racial, ethnic, religious, or community activities.This isolation may be the result of threats and manipulation by her abuser or from a desire to keep the abusive nature of her relationship secret. Unfortunately, after telling others of their abuse, some women have experienced ridicule. This very often leaves women feeling alone, without immediate resources and support, and believing they are inherently flawed.It can mean HEARING threats or fighting noises from another room.Children may also OBSERVE the aftermath of physical abuse such as blood, bruises, tears, torn clothing, and broken items.

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