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I removed the rest of Bubba’s oily clothes and put them into the washer. When he was clean again, I left him drying off with a towel. Little did he know that simple act of playfulness had my pussy soaking wet with need. Bubba was only three years older than me but because I was naïve when we started dating, I’ve always thought of him as older and more experienced. She never pulled back and took my whole load down her throat again.

I removed my collar for now, but made a promise to myself to get up the nerve to wear it in front of Bubba when I felt comfortable.

About Bubba texted me that he was on his way home.

I asked if he was hungry but he said he’d just stop on the way home and get something quick.

I told him that I would be waiting for him, that I had missed him.

I was on the bed in the ‘ass up” position that Marcus had taught me. She broke the suction with a ‘pop’ and said, “thank you Daddy.” She sat there on her knees smiling up at me. I had started calling her my baby girl when we were dating but for the life of me, I don’t remember why I stopped. “Baby girl, why don’t I take you out someplace special to eat tonight? I have a new dress that I’m dying to show you.” Later that evening we showered together. The feel of her soaping my body, making sure that I was squeaky clean had my cock ‘full on’ hard. With all that had gone on tonight it didn’t take long for me to cum.

This position had me on all fours, with my legs spread, my head resting on the bed. While she was toweling me off, she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. The thought of her being naked under her dress the whole night actually turned me on to no end. I still need to be punished daddy.” I don’t know what for, but I let her take my cock in her mouth. I put my hand on her head and pushed deep down her throat. It served to cause her mouth to drool and when I pulled my throbbing cock out, a long string of her slick saliva connected my cock with her wet lips. When I was spilling my seed, I grabbed her reddened ass cheeks.

My back was arched, with my arms at my shoulders, and my ass up. This also presented the channel of my ass or pussy at the most pleasurable angle from my master. She didn’t stop until I shot my load down her throat. It was on the drive back home when it got interesting. ” “I wanted to be sexy for you, daddy.” “Well I think my baby girl needs a spanking.” “Have I been bad daddy? But these were the kind of things she used to do to get me to spank her. I need it.” “But I don’t have lube with me.” I said worriedly. I moved around and used her saliva to wet my fingers. After a few minutes I pressed my saliva slick cock against her tight hole. I hesitated to let her body adjust but she started to push back, so I just rammed it home. I could feel her muscles clinch around me, milking me, as she came with me. After we both had caught our breaths, I helped out of the restraints and I carried her back to the house and put her to bed.

It was a very submissive position and my pussy was wet and leaking when I felt the weight of Bubba come onto the bed. I left to get dressed while she stayed in the bathroom getting ready. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought Naomi had a smoking hot body. The top was almost sheer and her tits were loose underneath. She was leaning over the console with her arm looped in mine. Again, it goes back the daddy/baby girl thing we used to do. “Yes, you’ve been bad and I plan to make sure that you behave. Then, instead of taking her inside the house, I led her to the barn. I was about to bury myself in her soppy wet pussy when she called out. I held her all night, her ass pressing back against me. Chapter f******n – Naomi It was certainly a night to remember.

It didn’t take long before Bubba’s cock erupted and he shot a thick load of his cum down my throat. I don’t know what she read in those books but I was ready to take her to the library for more of them.

I swallowed every drop and licked my lips when I finished like a good little girl. He snapped my ass with his wet towel and I scampered off with a fresh red spot on my ass. The pulsing action of her throat had me coming in no time.

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