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Living at home after college dating

If I were actually paying for rent and utilities, I highly doubt I would just be able to just impulsively drop a couple hundred dollars on anything...

at least not without worrying if I would still have enough money to pay for all of my bills. Paying off your student loan in as little as 26 months (with your "rent money") or over the course of 100 months (8.3 f*cking years), making the minimum payments? It's much easier to transition into the real world when you aren't being held back by college debt five years after graduating.

Dear Parents, A little intro from a senior in college* and three-time champion of the smooth transition home for the summer.

As the third child among my parents’ four darlings, I wasn’t the first college kid to come home for the summer and attempt to “rule the roost,” as my dad likes to say.

Here are eight reasons to you should seriously consider living at home after college: The biggest plus to living at home is being able to save money.

I'm sure after all of the lectures you have received from mom and dad about how expensive school and your apartment is, you have some idea about how expensive the cost of living is.

Sure the messy rooms, the lack of ability to do laundry and the spoiled attitude might say otherwise, but the reality is, we’ve thrown ourselves into new situations without the safety net of parents and have matured in ways that might not jump off the page…just yet.

It’s tough coming home to the requests of parents when, for so long, we’ve been planning our days just the way we want them: wake up at ten, go to class, workout, get lunch with friends…etc…etc….

Well, not only will your mom most likely get you chicken noodle soup from Panera when you're feeling sick, but she will also bring you Advil and water when you're too hungover to even function. I don't have to buy pots and pans, new dishes or a new shower curtain.

But since I plan on moving out in the next couple of months, I am able to buy the stuff I'll need over a period of time instead of all at once.

A lot of parents won’t see the maturity of their kids when they come home for summer, because the truth is, we regress back to our high school selves.

We know our parents are there to dish out a few bucks, to say no when we ask to do certain things, and to encourage us to get off the couch and to do something active, so we’re relaxed.

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