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In the car, on our way to the train-station, my aunt asked me if I had mentioned anything to my mother about the ‘incident...’ I was shocked.

It was something that had remained unspoken for years and I had blocked it out of my mind.

In another case of same sex in the army, “De Bello Hispaniensi,” a book believed to have been written by Julius Caesar (Although the authorship is heavily disputed) details Caesar’s campaigns on the Iberian Peninsula and mentions a Roman officer who engages in regular sexual acts with his concubine (concubinus).

“He is easily taken advantage of and needs the protection of the state,” Judge Zaidan said.

The judge also told the state solicitor he had “serious concerns” for the welfare of the accused and that he did not think the boy “understands what is going on.” The teenager has been remanded on bail over the criminal damage charges.

Five years later, I was selected as a participant of the World Press Master class and asked to develop an essay around the concept “Ordinary”.

I decided to photograph survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, starting with my own city.

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