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The next step is educating your kids, and that means talking to them about it.

The SDDA reports that, “71% of parents stop supervising Internet use by their children after the age of 14, yet 72% of all Internet-related missing children cases involve children who are 15 years of age or older.” It’s important to continue to protect and educate your children even into their teens.

When you see your child texting or chatting online, you may assume they are communicating with friends and family. A study from Cox Communications found that 69% of teens regularly receive personal messages online from strangers.

Christmas Day, I saw a text message asking him to go on Whatsapp.

As soon as I got home, I turned on the Wifi and she sent a naked pic of her p–. She then sent a message saying the kid just got up and she made a bottle with another pic with her leg open. Part of me wants to stay and the next wants to leave.

The San Diego District Attorney (SDDA) reported that over 45 million children ages 10-17 use the Internet, and among them: The odds that your child or teen has encountered a solicitation from a stranger online are high, and there is also a chance that those messages were inappropriate or lewd.

There are a few social sites that promote chatting with strangers.

Remove the bitch photo and stop playing with my feelings.” I continued chatting, pretending I am him; half the things he told me were lies.

On Christmas Eve he went out with my brothers, only to find out he went to visit her and half the time uses the kid as a passport.

Every month or so, I’m going to tape a phone call between me and a girlfriend, so that you guys can get to know us by more than just the pics you see.

I really wanted to put a voice behind myself and my friendships. Catherine and my brother have been married for four years now and are expecting their second baby. …their fabulous live TV wedding, you can see it HERE.

If they know you disapprove, they may attempt to hide it.

So educate yourself on the chat lingo they may use to hide their conversations.

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