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\HDi PRICE £75.99 TAKE 2, Animation package is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of air ages. 2MB 5MAft TCARD r The origin.* &lill Ihe only* felly PCMCIA ■c C'jripe.libla nwntory tard for A60Q.-A1 £00. As above on Jy 5T2K no clock INDI PRf CE E29,99 MULTISTART FIQM5HARER with k Pckstart V3. You've seen ell (he reviews on this popular and affordable second Amiga drive. | i HDt " PRICE] £59.99 ■Quality : 9 out of 10." Exceptional vafue for money, AMIGA COMPUTING JAN 9J PRINTERS COMMODORE MPS 1230 A high quality 9-pin Dot Matrix Printer with paper and tractor feed and is fully compatible with Epsom FX8G and IBM Industry standards. prior to finalising this advertise- ment Commodore have confirmed that the new CD Amiga has been delayed until August. no Qlhea word prpcwsspr oomos dose 'Without d Ou*t? S - fl Sk BA sound level (most matrix printers are in excess qf 50d& A) 7 Residienl Fonts Over 152,000 type styles using Super LQ. Bod PS, Roman, Script, and Sans Serif Fonts 24 PIN Diamond Printhead High periormanca and high quality output i ¥*pi- Wfl Hnn Ey tar loiai peace of mind. RP £12^.99) son*ation &r convolosi graphic applications - the Panasonic range oflera you the power to meet your requiremenl E.INOI PRICE £44.9P MUT1START ROMSHARER with Jcickstart V3.04 INDI PRICE £49,99 COMMODORE MRS 1270 A INK JET PRINTER. Possibly the best vafue printer on the market, f T moi price ] £94.99 1270A - REPLACEMENT INK JET CARTRIDGE. High speed 120 CPS draft mode and an NLQ mode of 25 CPS. Commodores original 1 and best selling colour stereo monitor. If there is any change then the INDI Sales Desk will be able to take your order. l tfi*s is one of the best documeni preces- sans for |he AMIGA. Panasonic LASER PRINTER l6f0 w All WORDWO^TH COMPLETELY FA EE 1 WITH PANASONIC LASER PRATERS the wm-srs' choice. KXP- 441 G ever We are now ab*e to offer "igh quality, prolessonal ! is that it always rnri/ e ° r ev * r¥ ° ne to r0ai ' Se ils full potential y DTv is no exception and in gur opinion everyth™ we have read *w a WM tv poor ,ob p, «* a W £L S J£ COTV can do and why it fe so gxdtinn yi 91 'S3 4 THE INDI GUIDE TO rrvru [ m PI AVr P r -- I MONITOR NOT INCLUDED l r r S * CD player - Yes, it Will play all your Primal S™ t m ' Pa ^ ar0ttj ' Pinh Fkiyd and any other CD you Ngh **"*■ ^ ^ i’T'S AM AMIGA - Plug in the keyboard, switch on the external disk drive and (he colossal range of inexoen- - llve Amiga software can be used on CDTV les and laid »m pp lk .WHY NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CREDIT DEALS AVAILABLE ( SUBJECT TO STATUS). Now complete with real time clock (RTC) MBX1200Z 68881 14 MHZ 0MB INDI PRICE £129. MBX1200Z 68882 25 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE £409 M8X1200Z 68882 50 MHZ 0 MB INDI PRICE £339 MBX1200Z 68882 50 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £419 MBX12Q0Z 68882 50 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE £539 ! ICS Qfllo and We r-HSL^archi Ks the coin nr printer marked ai great depth Iu find a tuteur printer pu DC enough to cope wilh Amiga's puw&Mui qiaphie dl Ipl L. We found trie perfect prmter in (he KX-P21fi0 KXP21 23 quiet printers..


Special version of j ■ the Amiga's number ' — one music package. THf Blue Ribb&n SQUNCWOHk S t n Q 77HQRQ AMIGA REVIEWED: pipview to sms Emplcmt BHtx Basic 2 Real 3D v2 HD Floanv PLUS modem round-un ::p * — ■ — ■ STOPP Latest news on the Amiga 4000-030 shows demand out- stripping supply world wide.

GAME REVIEWS Woody's World (ITT Internal tonal Rugby Challenge Flashback Sink or Swim Championship Manager 43 Graham Gooch Cricket Nippon Safes Inc World of Legend software on the market, advice on spending those hard-earned pennies. Shop Window 1 GVP’s A1 231) Accelerator 1 Power XL high density drive 1 A 1200 hard drive Amiga VGA adaptor M ickev M ouse/ Play room educational software Hard Times Locator 152 1S5 15 161 BBli Bii Evelyn Glennie, fop percussionist and Amiga aficionado, folks about her mush Pope 3 1 ON SAL J JUNE \ 3rd z_ COVER STORY GREAT OFFERS Connect up to comms with our great free introductory mem- bership to Compu Serve.

Should you have missed the grsat offers upgrading recent Cover Disk packages, you can get Vidi Amiga 12 at a third discount and a great deal on Hi Soft Basic. » bnhg i duwn #nd nvef- 8 r«me animal* _T\\J H 13SD^ ■ F f STCL&l-C^ ^ _m \ which he *=- ■ JR l fends ■a*kl Jd J* tnhef ^T\J [ giart bv p ^ boundaries by sp™? of both his urine and Kx DL We mean it - this decumeffl |it!

The CPTV piiiysr otters excellent value For money whan compared: with a standard CD - ROM drive and intw Tae* Most cc - ROM drives will set you back over r-ifl C! INDl VALUE ADDED FREE 4 Kick Oil 2 * Rip^mania v Space Ace # Populous • Micnoswitched joy Slick INDl PRICE] £ 239 *$? THE WEIRD AND THE WICKED A600 IS an i-n«Hi starter pack containing a considered mix of software, making the most at Ihe Armgas amazing capabilities.

while CDTV wril cost you less lhan £300 and will play audio CD's in addition id CO - ROM / CDTV d=sks The Pamet adaptor Includes Ihe software driver for your Amiga, miedaca cable and PD disk with dnvar software Idr your CDTV playif I INDl PRICE I £ 39.99 AADffl LTI&O PLUS CDTV # i960 MONITOR. P9 INDl are now able to offer competitive credit fa ci 1 1 lies cm all orders over E200. Ail credit (acuities are subject lo status and applicants must be over the age o MS. Mi ua am C74S.4I E3JJ7 E1M7.73 I lwc UD3M ES3.19.71i t! U £11714* AMIGA A6Q0 PRICE CRASH _ A60D-SD A single drive Amiga lor those ol you requiring a basic A6W at a very compel! PACK INCLUDES: A600 single drive, built in TV modulator. A600 EPIC PACK (40 Mb HD) PACK INCLUDES; A60C Hard Dis Ks (20Mb) # 1 Mb Memory • Epic • Ramfl • Mylh • Trivial Pursuit • Amiga Text • Deluxe Paint III • 12 Morilhsat homo service. Miqrobotics beats the competition on price, performance, features and configurations.With immaculate timing Commodore announced their superb Amiga CD, are Sega and Nintendo worried?Interesting question, 32 bit technology, 16-8 million colours and the amazing A A chip set: what do you think? Months ni tiqme maintenance PRICE £379.99 or from £14.47* per month * (Credit price based on 36 monthly paymenls APR £9.8%.INDI PRICE £9.99 41 PAPER PACK 500 shwtl qualify A4 paper. MKI PACK 3 PANASONIC DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK Cantams Aulcmatk. In Ills unrikely , lhal any product purchased from IHCN onlve your homo faulty, we will collect from w h and replace (bo pcinl UC | eoroptololy free of cl AS PART OF OUR Pdbtcv OF CONIINUAt PBflri- M Vi LOPMENT AMD REFIMEMENt T^ ^REs Tr Ve -- PROnu^r^ 6 SP^™ATION|o F products advertised, please conffrai CURRENT SPFGIFIOATION AT FHE TIME OF ORDERING, PRICES ARE valid For MONTH of PUBLICATim HOW TO OROEF By pu IL’/ 1 ^ 0 ^ f J '’ ln the COLJ P^ bei BW . 0/Dffl FCr Af4/L 1 WHGWAY JNDUSTRi AL ESTATE, eastern a venue, f~AC0693 | LICHFIELD, STAFFS WSI3 7SF Ptease send Price.,, — ,. or charge my Access'Visa No, Expiry Date / Signature 1 - ■ li i & ^ | Send to Na me t B ln ■■ ■ ej . E& 01 CONTENTS # » mm m m fisii’bt Ik FEATURES Nine pages for enquiring minds The most authoritative monthly columns in the business, covering all areas of specialised Amiga activity Aflexx 132 Improve Ik quality of your text output within ARcxx scripts, Al*x Gi'i^rr s Aik^ ftca' to pfesen! Austin Jft VJfm'Tj L and Ikes Comms ieh South look* at & system which ensures nothing you send through yistr rnia Ji'm jj? but wror auiknri&ti mwiiii, v ^ r Amos Lviv 'em or hat*, 'em, fractals haw become syn- onymous with today's power graphics amipttt- i^.INDI PRIG E CR 99 51 CONTINUOUS PAPER 2000 Sheris 1 fr Td ii&nng paper inch price &;i PARALLEL PRINTER CABLE To be used whe^ ccmnect MM Amiga to Pa^sornc Printers. price m -;£&S9 ii purchased mfth a purfitefi 71 PANASONIC COLOUR RIBBON Colour ^don tor KXP 2 ISO- INDI PRICE £14 .99 5) PANASONIC BLACK R|BBQN Black ribbon for KXP 2ie O-'KXP21? OO’i 1 PACK 2 PANASONIC RIBBON PACK Contains 2 black and * -notour rtjbans lor KXP 2 100; KXP 2123. a Address Dayfime Tel Post C0(te - - ^HOOUCI ER^E TH Of IFIRJU] EOF i 4fli iy iji 7k ! j PAt J creates &mte Publishing Ben Pointer explains hmv to detrise, product and print good-looking inlay cards to rrtwto- tmmseyvur music cassette Q'tketitm Amiga Computing July T993 65 85 Beat that! the world's only professional percussionist, and her Amiga WO.But, more to the point, what does if mean to you if you currently own or were thinking of buying an Amiga 600 or 1200. Total repaymeni £520 92 and 90 day deterred payments.) A1 200 60 MEG HD INDl PRICE £539.99 Al 200 80 MEG HD INDl PRICE £599 99 A1 200120 MEG HD INDl PRICE £679.99 INDl A1200 ACCESSORY PACK Pack Contains; 3 Superb Games Intemai Ksnal Games Challenge The Cool Croc £ Paradroid 90 • Zapsac and Zappo T- shirt INDl PRICE £19-99 60-00 Hard Disk upgrades available on any A1 200.First of all let's be clear, you cannot use the Amiga CD as a computer until there is a keyboard and drive option (promised for 1994). Upgrade includes full Wang warranty on A 1200 and Hard disks, Phone lor a quote, rr^r: — OFFICIAL A1200 HD SYSTEMS The Amiga 1200 supplied by INDl Direct Mail now includes the official (legal) Commodore installation disk and hard drive utility manual..Allows stereo sampling from almost any musical Sourcs.. THE ultimata low cost colour digitiser for the Amiga. INDI PRICE £69.99 ROCTEC ROCGEN PLUS, As above but wfflh extra features such as timing and signal inversion. Separate RGB eornrols to croma hey on arty colour INDI PRICE £249.99 pyramid scanner. with ' Wordwerih', yet at a retail prlco erf £120L9^ we thought that might he a Irttle loo expensive on top al your printer purchase!'The best value full colour digrtiser on the market' AMIGA FORMAT. A total tiand held scanning package for all Aniigas complete with interface end software INDI PRICE £99.99, AMIGA PERIPHERALS. Beware ur cheap imiiarions i NDfl PRICE C129 9& 4MB SMAfl TCAft D Same as above bul maximum 4! Trapdoor upgrade (or ihe A600, 1MB with RTC INDI PHFCE £49.99 ZAPPO 60l NC. So logelher with Panasonic we decided to give a copy of ‘Wordworth’ free with every Panasonic printer, How's that for added yahja? WITH PANASONIC QUIET PRIMTERS The writers choice The gflimate word processor for AMIGA com- oute*s worciworrh eg gnd&ublediy the ultimate word-' doaiment processor \& the lull rang* ol AMIGA compute** Tho graphical naturci Gl WOODWORTH makqs producing documents laslu-r ei nd easier with Iho pfihancud printing louts (Including rull Panasonic KX P^BQ • KX F2 t £3 cetour piinlirig supponj, Collins spall d M*eker and Ihesaunjs. joined together with Panasonic to offer all Amiga owtiecs the mosl outstanding Laser Printer o-ifer prices We are also giving away a free -copy of W-ondworth with every Pahasomc Laser Printer purchased i R.The Amiga CD should be available to dedicated games players in August . All stock offered for sale is held in slock, centrally at our group warehouse complex and 1$ available for next day delivery, direct to your home or business, if al any lime we are out of slock your money will not be banked until Ihe product is available (Li point worth checking should you feel templed lo purchase elsewhere Genera!Phone INDI to check for pricing and availability; and don't be confused, both the Amiga 6 are around for some time. inlormalion regarding producl is available Iron our sales team, however technical support is always at hand should you need assistance. INDl TELESALES Tel 0543 4199 418079 CREDIT FACILITIES It's here - The new Amiga 4000/030 The NEW Amga 4000*030 failures a EG6EQ3G processor iunm^ dl hi i ircf«3i Wtf 25Mli£. The 4CQGEED teis b powerful 4Mb ol 32 - hd RAM ( 2Mb chip A 2Mb last!

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