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But there has been an unwelcome side effect: an unnaturally high male-to-female ratio.Women may hold up half the sky, in Mao Zedong’s famous phrase, but they are treated as second-class citizens in much of modern China.Young women are fleeing the farm in droves, attracted by well-paying factory jobs and more comfortable urban lifestyles.

On the morning of my visit, his cellphone rings repeatedly with calls from South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia regarding a rescue operation in the works.

It is not until lunchtime, when most of Asia is asleep, that his phone finally goes quiet. The only practical escape route for fugitives from North Korea is through China, and human-rights groups say roughly 80 percent of those thousands of refugees are women and girls who have become “commodities for purchase,” in Kim’s words.

Steven Kim, an American businessman from Long Island, New York, may be the world’s leading expert on the market for North Korean brides. It wasn’t registered with the Chinese government, as required by law, so it operated underground, billing itself as a cultural association.

A decade or so ago he was living in China, overseeing the manufacture of chairs he sold to retail clients in the United States, when he heard about a secret church that catered to the South Korean businessmen who worked in the Shenzhen industrial zone, not far from his apartment.

Stage one, as he calls it, takes place inside North Korea, where the suppliers lure women from their homes with promises of a lucrative trip to China.

These recruiters—either North Korean nationals or Korean-Chinese, and usually male—typically hang out around urban train stations in the border regions and chat up attractive young women who pass by.Their marks are often rural women who have come to the city to sell crops grown on an illegal private plot or scavenged from the forest.They make a tempting promise: you can come home after a few months with more money than you could make in a year here.There was no sign on the door and no cross on the roof.The 100 or so congregants had learned about the church as Kim had, by word of mouth.The most popular marketplaces are in the three Chinese provinces closest to the North Korean border—Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang—but North Korean brides are sold to men throughout China. Some have physical or mental disabilities that make them unsuitable as husbands in the eyes of Chinese women. Ever since the one-child policy went into effect in 1979, Beijing has enforced it through fines, imprisonment, forced abortion, sterilization, and even, human-rights groups charge, infanticide.In almost every case, the men are buying the one thing they want most in life: a wife. The policy has had its intended effect of slowing the rate of expansion of China’s population.For an impoverished young woman with no job prospects, it can be an irresistible offer.Other recruiters travel from village to village, keeping an eye out for potential brides.Kim, a practicing Christian, became a regular attendee.One Sunday he noticed two shabbily dressed men seated in a corner of the room.

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