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Lisa loeb dating michael

Naturally, the guests are usually cast as bad guys (or girls), to great effect.

In one in stallment, super-sexy Gina Gershon voices Shikata, an sword-wielding asian hitwoman.

However, the singer’s hectic schedule wouldn’t prevent her from returning as Mary Jane if the show is picked up for another season — though she is tight-lipped about this season’s storylines..

As a songwriter’s songwriter, Lisa Loeb has always created music that speaks to the hearts of her listeners.

Overlapping ultra-stylish backgrounds (dubbed “CG Neon Noire”) with an animation process that nears 3-D, this new version of the webslinger’s adventures borders on a graphic novel come to life.

However, it’s not just the animation that sets the series apart from its cartoon predecessors.

Lisa Loeb: In general, I was thinking that I needed to try to write songs that are less mysterious, less crafty, and just more direct. I think I was in the middle of having an argument with a boyfriend at the time, who was also my co-producer—we worked together a lot.

So, it was sort of that frustration of being in a situation you get into sometimes when you’re with people too much. Musically, I was trying to write a song for Daryl Hall as a solo artist.

I heard he was looking for songs, so I was trying to write a little bit of an R&B groove, like at the time he wrote his songs with Hall & Oates.

And that opportunity went away; I don’t know how strong the opportunity ever was.

“I’ve seen [that episode], and her voice worked really well,” Loeb says.

“That’s the other thing that I think is great about Spider-man; I know that lately there’s been a lot of casting of celebrities to play certain characters in movies, but I feel that they’ve done a great job casting this show — it’s not just ‘names,’ they got people who have cool-sounding voices.” The “Sword of Shikata” episode is a prime example of MTV’s Spider-man‘s departure from Saturday morning fare.

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