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Liquidating business assets

And plugging these figures into the missing cells in the table would produce a total assets number far in excess of 0 trillion. For example, household financial asset holdings fell from .5 trillion in Q3/07 to .8 trillion on 12/31/08 due to the collapse of stock and bond prices.

Adding those two numbers together produces a (reported) total asset number of $187,813 billion, pretty close to the $200 trillion number I wrote about at the top of the story.

(The number would have been much closer 2 years ago before the recent drop in asset values.) Unfortunately, I have no idea what to call this number because it leaves out so many huge question marks.

“There is a growing perception that governance is becoming increasingly arbitrary or at least less rule-based.” ​The central bank asked lenders in the kingdom to freeze the accounts of dozens of individuals who aren’t under arrest, as well as the assets of those being detained, people familiar with the matter said.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates central bank asked financial institutions to provide information on the accounts of 19 Saudi citizens, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

These balance sheets show that at the end of 2008 housseholds and nonprofits owned $40,814 billion in financial assets like stocks and bonds and $24,905 billion in tangible assets like houses and cars, which adds up to $65,719 billion in total assets.

Against that total, households and nonprofits owed debts, or liabilities, of ,242 billion, which means they had net worth of ,477. 102 but not in the chart.) Adding the three sectors together (Subtotal in row 4) produces a balance sheet with 4,049 in total assets divided between ,639 in financial assets, and ,301 in tangible assets. The Fed does not report complete balance sheets for the other sectors (farms, financial sectors, federal government, state & local governments, or rest of world (foreign owners).The report reports balance sheets for some sectors of the economy but not others (which I find a little strange).They report balance sheets for 1) Households and Nonprofit Organizations, 2) Nonfarm Corporate Business (big companies), and 3) Nonfarm Noncorporate Business (small companies).They now find themselves on the run in the face of a campaign that has targeted some of the kingdom’s most prominent princes, billionaires and officials.“There is no doubt that many offshore investors are reassessing their view of the Gulf as a stable and predictable place to do business,” said Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce, a London-based senior economist and geopolitical strategist at Standard Chartered Bank.I think that is a big mistake, reflecting the analytical bias in the macroeconomics community that somehow people consciously manage their portfolios of stocks and bonds but are passive owners of more than trillion of real stuff.We can use the Fed’s measures of financial assets held by all the sectors to get a pretty good figure for total financial assets in the balance sheet.I recently wrote about the fact that the forces impacting the U. economy’s balance sheet, at about 0 trillion, dominate those affecting GDP (just over trillion) when thinking about interest rates and stock prices.A blog reader wrote to ask me where the 0 trillion figure comes from.You can get it from Amazon or get a signed copy directly from the John’s Book section of our website.Wealthy Saudis are moving assets out of the region to avoid the risk of getting caught up in what authorities call a crackdown on corruption, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

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