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Linksys router says validating identity

All 3 of our computers can get into the router (2 wired and 1 wireless).

Do you have the same security setting, router name, and IP address on the router?

The computers have to match the new setting with the router. HOw do I reset the settings of the computers to match the new router? IEEE 802.1X is the standard which defines authentication against a RADIUS server.

However, once an attacker penetrates that perimeter, internal systems are completely unprotected.

In this case, you become one of the bad guys—because the worm or virus is using your computer to attack other systems on your internal network and the Internet, wasting your computing resources and bandwidth.

The least worrisome attackers focus on crashing computers and networks by using Denial of Service (Do S) attacks.

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Others might be looking for confidential data that they can abuse for profit, such as sales contacts, financial data, or customer account information.EAP type was “ Smart Card or other certificate” and Authenticate as computer when computer information is available was checked.Those were there as soon as I installed the XP on two of our desktops 2 years ago.i have a dir 615 router, on an xp home03, my wireless connection is excellent, but it says it is trying to validate identity. The computer that will not connect does not have security settings that match the router settings.You need to consult your router manual, determine what those settings are on the rounter, then go into your control panel and under "wireless" set them to match.Hi, A 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.As you can tell I don’t know much about networking : PDuring time that I had DI-624 router.Under my Local Area Connection Properties and on the Authentication tab Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network was checked.As a result, even organizations with little or no confidential information need firewalls to protect their networks from these automated attackers.Beyond prevention, law enforcement generally only responds to the most serious network intrusions.

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