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While we imagine long-time fans of the series would prefer a paid game with full access to all features, it’s worth noting that Nintendo made much more profit on in-app purchases in Fire Emblem Heroes than Super Mario Run despite a smaller number of downloads.The free-to-play Pokémon GO was also a huge hit for Nintendo and the Pokémon Company, so we imagine that’s the model the company will lean towards.

100 years after an event known as Calamity Ganon destroyed most of Hyrule, Link awakens from an ancient slumber and guided by the voice of Zelda.

She warns that Calamity Ganon is about to be freed from his prison and will soon destroy the world.

The Monopoly set won’t release until September, but Game Stop has it listed for decent price of $39.99.

And of course, like all Game Stop pre-orders, there are exclusive items you can score from the retailer.

The only reason he hadn't reviewed a Nintendo game until now (despite also owning a Wii U) was due to him not wanting to deal with Nintendo content ID claiming videos he made which featured footage from Nintendo games (as was the case with videos of him and his friends playing games like Mario Party 10).

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Breath of the Wild went on to win several awards at The Game Awards 2017, including Best Game Direction and Game of the Year.

Then, in February 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes was made available for i OS and Android, and months later Animal Crossing arrived in November 2017.

One spanner in the works is that in February 2018 Nintendo announced Mario Kart Tour, a new mobile racing game, which it promised would come out before March 2019.

Super Mario Run was announced during Apple’s September 2016 event where it launched the i Phone 7, although the game wasn’t made available for i OS users until three months later, in December 2016.

Android users had to wait even longer, until March 2017.

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