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Look, I’m no technologist or sex robot-engineer, but offhand this seems like something which would be feasible, programmatically.

That makes it much harder to hack into someone's account – but users have to enable it themselves.

Emails containing the rogue attachment can come from people in the recipient's own address book, and attacker can even copy their style of writing, convincingly passing the fake email on to the victim's contacts.

Emails can appear to come from people in your address book.

He said: 'Make sure there is nothing before the host name '' other than 'https://' and the lock symbol.'You should also take special note of the green colour and lock symbol that appears on the left.

If you can't verify the protocol and verify the hostname, stop and consider what you just clicked on to get to that sign-in page.' When it's set up, the system asks for a login and password just like usual – but then sends a unique numeric code to another device, using text message, email or a specialized app.

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