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Thanks to websites like this one we have a chance to reveal people that are just plain theives.

Steen (Denmark) Report N7 Im a 38 year old single male in the midwest.I like many others have fallen prey to scammers and this site has allowed me to "check up" on any new ones sent my way.Im fluent in Russian and am able to read into alot of the english mistakes in the letters.One I found intersting with "Yana" is that she referred to herself getting into a bath tub by lifting "him" referring to her leg which is a feminine nown in Russian if you are a woman...hmmmm...maybe the guys are just as big a part of this as the gals. Dave (USA) Report N8 (added on April, 12, 2005) This person contacted me in 2004 using the name Oksana from Kiev.I eventually recognized her as a scammer than and stopped communication. Jean Louis (France) Report N10 Alena contacted me through Yahoo Personals and sent me her email address.So like a idiot, I sent her, not knowing that this was nothing more than a scam.Thanks to the people from msn and your web site, I was able to find her as a scam artist, and was luckly to get my 1000 usd back!!! Please, put her away, stop her from doing more harm to other people!! David (USA) Report N6 She contactet me in the last part of march month and i had no reason to be suspicious about her.then I was told that she wanted to come and see me, so fast like!Anyway, she was supposely, was waiting at the Moscow airport, then said to me, that I needed to send her 1000 usd so she could come, and for insurance reasons.When I sent Olga Smirnova money via Western Union it was recieved in Nizhni Novogorod Russia, and she claimed she was from Chernokolovo-there is at least a thousand miles between these two towns/cities which leads me to believe this is a ring of scammers who are somewhat connected in or near Nizhni Novogorod.I wanted to thank you for this site and the job you are doing.

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