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These problems have been addressed on Harris’s web page, including the page entitled “Clarification on Dating and Courtship.” Aren’t you so relieved that Josh gave the “OK” for single men and women to go out for coffee by themselves — an apparent misconception some singles had in his church (you know, the one founded by C. Now you know why Josh’s book was so heavily promoted.His dad saw to it that his son was recognized coast to coast in the homeschooling world. Here’s how Gregg describes himself on his own blog (“Gregg Harris is a Christian husband and father who serves as evangelist and local church-planting pastor.

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That’s something that’s beyond my control and it’s disappointing at times…I’m so glad these teens FINALLY came along with all the answers at such a tender young age (more sarcasm) so they can rescue all the wayward kids out there and teach them how to .Of course, they’ve got to buy the book and attend the conference.What I found absolutely fascinating about this Focus on the Family interview with the Harris twins was their description of their father’s youth. Gregg’s mom was a Christian; however, his dad was not.Gregg was born in Ohio with severe health issues, but somehow he managed survive. At the age of fifteen, Gregg ran away from home and ended up as a long-haired hippie in Laguna Beach, California, making money playing his guitar for couples on the beach.It was on during dinner, it was the background noise throughout the day. The humility my mom and dad have shown in allowing me to pursue this new direction is equally inspiring.When my folks got married they decided they would raise their kids in a TV-free home. For the past year God has been leading me in a new direction. So I’m laying down my pursuit of magazine publishing to learn how my gifts can be used in the context of a local body of believers. I listened while my father told the pastor I’ll be serving under that there are some things he can’t teach me. It was during this time that Josh’s highly touted book was published and heavily promoted, especially in the homeschooling community.If we hope to see families serving God together as a team, they must be equipped together as a team.That is what a Christian family household is— a team of believers living and serving God together.” HOFCC also claims to be “reformed in doctrine”, “charismatic in ministry”, and “evangelical in missions”. I recently heard Josh’s twin brothers, Alex and Brett Harris, on a Focus on the Family broadcast.Gregg currently serves as a church planter for (see and as the Director of Noble Institute (see Gregg is internationally known as a pioneer advocate in the Christian home-schooling movement and author a best selling book, The .He is the husband of Sono Sato Harris, and the father of seven children, among whom are, Joshua Harris, author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joel Harris, Director of the Northwest Academy of Worship Music, Alex & Brett Harris, founders & co-hosts of The web site, and three others still in their younger years.”The new local church has been an attempt to institute several reforms of structure and doctrinal emphasis.

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