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You could be anybody, like some hot **** star, going at it. The Xbox One has been on the market for less than a week, and the adult entertainment company Sugar DVD already found a way to bring adult content to the system with integrated Kinect gesture controls. Meanwhile, Sony users have discovered how to take advantage of the Play Station 4’s camera and share functions in unusual, and possibly criminal ways.

Apps are more suited to adapt to different screen sizes.

Sugar DVD has developed apps that work with the Play Station 3, the PS4, and the Xbox 360, but the company has chosen the Xbox One as its favorite.

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Using the Xbox One’s gesture controls through the Kinect, subscribers are able to get to the action faster by physically grabbing the pages and categories they want to load, the same basic gestures that you can use on the console’s dashboard.

There are no plans to further integrate the Kinect’s camera and gesture capabilities. The adult provider also claims its app will work with the Xbox One’s “snap” feature, meaning you can be playing a game like while watching the newest “College” or “All-Girl” videos, like a boss.

Twitch immediately killed the channel and banned the users, but there are other stories of Playroom being used in this fashion.

One involved a guy in a horse head “motorboating” a lady.

The Sugar DVD app works through the Xbox One’s browser, and it requires a monthly subscription. Users need to log in through the browser “to prevent unauthorized access due to privacy and app marketplace restrictions,” then they can sort through categories in what Sugar DVD claims is a manner similar to Netflix.

The service also utilizes “the same content distribution network as streaming giants Netflix and Hulu.” Sugar DVD is quick to point out that although it needs a browser log-in, it is an actual app.

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