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Keshia chante dating

We should follow our hearts & make decisions for ourselves - not to appease social norms, or try to appear "perfect" for others.

Weddings are beautiful but they should be about the celebration of a beautiful life & union!

I’m lucky because I have a lot of flexibility in my career.

host Keshia Chanté ended her engagement this past summer for good reason.

According to TMZ Sports, the television personality and singer presented enough evidence for the arrest of her ex-fiancé, Ray Emery on Sept 18.

The plan is for new music to be out by the start of next year. My first album was from the perspective of a 15-year-old, so it was a lot of “I met him at a parking lot.” The next one was me falling in love for the first time, going through my first big breakup. There are a lot of egos in my industry as well, and I’ve always tried to avoid that. If I go to a movie theatre with my girlfriends and people want to approach me, that can be really awkward. He is always so excited to hear what I’m working on. His i Pod is always updated; he’s always got songs that I haven’t even heard yet. He was obsessed, and as an only child, I wanted that attention.

The third album was like, “Okay, I’m in the clubs, I’m making dance music.” Now, at 26, I’ve been through more and I’m excited to open up about it. A lot of that has been the influence of living in the States, where there is a larger market for that kind of music. I really didn’t start getting into hockey until Ray was playing for Chicago.

If there are problems between the women, that can affect the team.

I’ve seen players get traded because of that type of drama.

I’m actually running the Flyers wives and girlfriends crew.

We organize special dinners and parties for Halloween and Christmas, plus wedding showers and baby showers, all kinds of things.

Ultimately, you can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves.

A few months before the wedding, my gut reaction was to finally accept that it just didn't feel right.

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