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This book traces the existential reality of the swayambhoo Shiva-Parvati temple in Kerala, dating back to thousands of centuries. Jayan notes that the Mararikulam temple was built around a primordial stone, Shiva Linga, and Parvatis image found there thousands of years ago.The Mararikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple, 14km north of Alleppy and just about one km east of the Arabian Sea, is associated with many legends and unique features. The legend has it that when a Pulaya (untouchable) woman tried to sharpen her sickle on a stone near a large pond to cut a thorny plant, used for making mattresses, blood oozed from the stone.

This paper tries to briefly to dwell on the art and iconography of the Ganesha images in the caves.

Kollam was an important transhipment port of medieval times along the Kerala coast.

The most splendorous edifice erected under the patronage of Raja Raja and his family is the Brihadisvara temple at Thanjavur. There were exchange of emissaries between the Chola and Chinese rulers during the period of Raja Raja.

There is a Chinese bust represented in the Vimana of Thanjavur temple.

The local Venad rulers donated land and special privileges to Christian community that settled here. Explorations have yielded Turquoise Glazed Ware and other West Asian ware attesting literary sources.

This article focuses on the contribution of West Asians to development of Kollam as an international trade center.There is quite copious mention to the west Asian contacts in literature and inscriptions.Large chunk of the foreign trade was handled by Jews, Christians and Muslims from the Persian Gulf who settled at Kollam.This is probably the only temple in the country where Parvati sits facing Shiva.Women flock here in large numbers to pray for a happy and lasting marriage.Photographs were taken and a D-stretched picture reveals new aspects.This article is a reappraisal of the rock-art and the modern painting tradition from Vellarikombi.It is believed that the Divine Master, pleased by the rishis, manifested His divine power in a stone image.Goddess Parvati sits in a swayamvara posture facing Shiva.This person was either a Chinese merchant/dignitary who contributed to building of the temple in large way for his image to have found place with images of gods of goddesses. Previously Chola inscriptions have generally been reported only from erstwhile South Travancore or the present Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu.Raja Raja Chola and Rajendra Chola-I are know to have made invasions into Kerala region however the archaeological evidences indicating the same have been very few.

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