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The blackmailers would withdraw the cash from an M-Pesa agent or do online bank transfers.

I’m aware of two cases where the victim and his captors went to a bank and made an over-the-counter withdrawal.

On the other hand, victims were afraid of making police statements as most were not known to be gay and did not want the cases to go forward out of fear of being outed as gay. Of course, creatively, we generated information, mapped out areas and showed the various ways to spot or confirm whom you met on the other end of the app. So extraordinary were these efforts that Grindr now has an occasional pop-up window once you log in on how to be safe when using the app — something they piloted only in Kenya.

But still, one or two cases reached my desk — same modus operandi — online hook-up, meeting in strangers’ houses, and then other people entering to find you in the middle of sex, and then it happens.

Updated 10.55am FINE GAEL TD Michelle Mulherin has confirmed that she made calls from Leinster House to an individual in Kenya, but has denied they were personal.

Mulherin has spoken publicly after it was reported last week that a TD or Senator had made over €2,000 of calls to a mobile phone number in Kenya between 20.after being caught in a hilarious love triangle with an American couple.Kevin from Kisii appeared live on the show where he was begged by the man to not snatch his wife.There are thousands of active singles on Date looking to chat right now.Free Mobile chat, latest topics discussed: Good Show ol' Chap!It was in early 2006 when the first cases of blackmail were reported in Nairobi.A victim would often meet someone on these apps, and then go to their house.Most of the victims, even with the information available out there, fell into the trap that is blamed on the need for sexual intimacy and physical expression with another individual. Priests, lawyers, doctors, husbands, students, touts, tourists, and in one case, a prominent politician — have all fallen victim to extortion compounded by the fact that same-sex relations are punishable by law. My advise to all gay men out there — it’s better to be less horny, and more cautious.It has been argued, from our assessments, that the blackmailers are driven by poverty or are just criminals out to make a quick buck. Various factors can be attributed to this — including criminalisation of homosexuality, the emergence of new, easy to instal technology that makes it easier to share information online, or meet people, among other things. It is worse when innovative ways to circumvent our need for and pursuit of happiness, relationships, or just a lay, have become the very way that further puts us at risk. SEX CHATTING Her husband Keith narrated to Dr Phil how his wife started changing after she was prayed for by a Nigerian pastor. When I asked her what Kevin has that I don’t she was ‘oh you don’t wanna compare, there is no way you can compare even when you did on Viagra,” Keith narrated.Soon after, she begun sex chatting African men, telling her husband he could never match the sex energy of an African man. Sarah amd Keith have been married for 18 years and have four children.

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