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Bailey Holt (left) died at the scene, while Preston Ryan Cope (right) was declared dead at a hospital in Nashville Friends and others who knew Parker, a sophomore at Marshall County High School, told the Courier Journal he was a 'grandma's boy.'They said the red-head went fishing with his grandparents and that 'anything grandma needed, he would get.' 'His grandma was his best friend,' his neighbor Allyn Hornick told the paper.He also said he spoke to Parker a few weeks ago, and that the boy seemed anxious and down.Whether in a blend or single species packet, we have just the thing for your yard.

According to second-century physician Galen, the roots of certain species are good for treating fresh wounds and bleeding.

In the sixteenth century, Poa grasses were used to treat inflammation of the kidney.

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Most are monoecious, but a few are dioecious (separate male and female plants).

The leaves are narrow, folded or flat, sometimes bristled, and with the basal sheath flattened or sometimes thickened, with a blunt or hooded apex and membranaceous ligule.

Shop Pasture Seeds There’s nothing quite as eye-catching as a wildflower garden.

Naturalistic, beautiful and slightly whimsical, wildflowers can spice up any landscape and attract beneficial pollinators.

Many of the species are important pasture plants, used extensively by grazing livestock.

Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is the most extensively used cool-season grass used in lawns, sports fields, and golf courses in the United States.

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