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She and her husband planned to stay in the Philadelphia area and visit friends after the conference he was attending ended; she had not expressed any desire to visit the Asheville area where her body was found.Yet when found she was wearing clothes more appropriate for hiking than those she had on when last seen in Philadelphia.When she had not shown up after a day purportedly spent sightseeing in the city, he had reported her missing.

Philadelphia police initially considered Jeffrey Smith a suspect, casting doubt on the idea that his wife had even been to the city in the first place and suggesting his story was fabricated.

Jeffrey's work as a lawyer was also related to health care; he represented the Northeast Pharmaceutical Conference, an organization of researchers and executives primarily from New England.

Eight months after their marriage, the couple planned their first trip together, attending a conference in Philadelphia from April 9–11, 1997.

Due to holes and cuts on her bra, and similar cutting marks on the bones, investigators ruled that the unidentified decedent had been stabbed to death.

Dental records and the arthritic knee soon led the body to be identified as that of Judy Smith (born Judith Eldredge December 15, 1946, in Hyannis, Massachusetts), a 50-year-old nurse from Newton, Massachusetts, who had last been positively seen alive by her husband Jeffrey at a hotel in Philadelphia almost five months earlier.

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