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"Trying to befriend Andrew was so tough it sent me in the other direction: as in, I adopted a low-boil dislike toward him." Cryer also took umbrage with Mc Carthy describing him as "just so needy" on the movie's 25th anniversary DVD edition ("I wanted it to work, I wanted it to be fun, and I wanted to not feel like an outcast for once.That's 'needy' all right," Cryer writes) and Ringwald telling in 2010 she's "sure that Duckie came out by now." Cryer, who's "honored" by Duckie's legacy as a gay icon, says he never played Duckie as gay and never thought of him as such.

His wife, Lisa, attended and when it came time for Martin Sheen's speech, the whole room braced for oratorical brilliance from the erstwhile President Bartlet.

Instead, he just said, "Hope you kids know what you're doing," and sat back down. Sheen blames it on the testosterone: In June 2014, Cryer went to Sheen's house after his ex-manager told him that Sheen wanted to apologize.

He picked the former because its "neurosis-based comedy" was more in his wheelhouse, and to stay close to his 3-year-old son since his first marriage was on the rocks ( shot in Vancouver).

CBS President Les Moonves wasn't keen on Cryer until he won him over with his first audition.

was released this week, and we read it so you don't have to.

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(But if you have some time, you should read it because it's wry, witty, engaging and incredibly self-deprecating.)The book covers the actor's theater roots and 30-year career in showbiz, from his big break in to (duh) Charlie Sheen.

Partially deaf teenager Carafotes becomes alienated when prevented from playing football because of his handicap.

He must deal with his parents, coach, teammates, his new girlfried and a ...

Unfortunately, the subway suicide jump has since been incorrectly credited to Downey Jr., even in Mickey Rapkin's book about the camp, .

"Well, I'm here now to correct a historical wrong through this memoir and say, I'm the one who jumped!

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