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Jehovah witness dating a non witness

For some months he told me a lot about his religion and he liked to talk with me, we talked on facebook because we couldn't meet.

But he started to be a cold person and when I asked about his feelings again, he have run away from the subject and got a little upset.

Having “wordly friends” like kids at school or in those living their neighborhood is discouraged – and by some JW parents, strictly forbidden.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are always on the lookout for “bad influences” – constantly on guard against anyone who might be “an apostate” or an expelled JW that must be “shunned.” Witnesses can not have deep theological discussions even between themselves, because they might venture into “apostasy” or generate self-doubt about their beliefs as they actually do honest research.

I’ve been thinking a lot and is there any chance that he his planning on giving me an opportunity when we are old enough to marry? I haven’t told you, sorry, but Jehovah witnesses can’t day until they are old enough to marry so they don’t fall in some “weaknesses” like having sex before marriage.

(It is funny because when we were young he asked me several times to marry him and maybe it was because of his rules). and I know these are hard to answer but some advice is good and I’m posting this story on some Jehovah witnesses foruns too). I’m not planning on converting for him if there is a chance for us to marry.

I know you must love him so much and I understand that you respect him and his religion, but in the end of the day it is very complicated for him.

Even if he loves you a lot dragging the person he loves into his religion because of his religion you may get hurt in many ways.

The thing that is bothering me is that I don’t know his intentions with inviting me when we are old enough to meet.

I mean, he knows very well my feelings, he knows this is giving me hope, but he never completely let me go, our relationship never really ends.

Preaching door to door has become passe, not to mention being nerve-wracking drudgery.

Instead of getting a college education, they need to learn to become janitors and window washers.

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