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Java scripts for updating web pages

This second, encrypted version of the main Internet protocol can provide you with a lot of cool features, including the asynchronous download of external files, most notably Java Script.

While HTTP requires deep learning and an advanced knowledge of Java Script theory, HTTP/2 can make Java Script load faster. and you opt to use a CDN that doesn’t have a local server in your country (e.g., the Russian Federation), this will increase a page load time.

Using a CDN is supposed to make things run faster, but in certain cases, it can have the opposite effect.

The above reports provide you with CDN comparison information, such as support for instant setup and different types of pricing.

These kind of minimizers not only delete unuseful white spaces, commas, comments etc.

but also help to avoid ‘dead code’: , it will stop creation of DOM and CSSOM models while the Java Script is executed.

A similar situation occurs with other Java Script libraries as well.

If you have the ability to manage what components will be included in your package of library, definitely do it.

This is why most Java Script code is located after the main HTML code.

To understand this point a little better, take a look at this code: Use caution if your Java Script must make some manipulations to the HTML or CSS, or if you’re loading a script in a strong order (e.g., j Query-dependent libraries).

With a little research via Google, we can see how load order impacts user focus: Google calls this the RAIL model.

Minifying code is different from obfuscating code, but both are methods of transforming Java Script—to be more difficult to read, or to make it smaller.

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