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While critics condemned the gyaru as shallow, materialistic, and devoted to conspicuous consumption, admirers describe them as, "kindhearted, active young women in exuberant health, the women of today." Kogals have been accused of conspicuous consumption, living off their parents and enjo-kōsai (amateur prostitution/dating service).

Critics decry their materialism as reflecting a larger psychological or spiritual emptiness in modern Japanese life.

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She saved some money but she would like to get some more - just in case.She meets two highschool girls, Raku and Jonko, professional call-girls, and spends the last night with them trying to make up the money that was stolen from her.This film is five years old now and it still stands up.Japanese fashion began to divide by age in the 1970s with the appearance of gyaru magazines aimed at teens.Popteen, the most widely read of these magazines, has been publishing monthly since 1980.In the hands of another director, this could surely have been a voyeuristic film but Harada is more interested in illustrating the motivations of all the characters and has brought out some great performances.Hitomi Sato, in particular, is outstanding as Junko At times, this film feels very authentic- the girls talking 100 miles an hour at a coffee shop and the scouts working the streets of Shibuya - but many of the scenes are more stylized set-ups which helps the film take aim on a wider range of targets."I wish that I were in high school at a different time," said one schoolgirl."Now, with kogal being such an issue in Japan, nobody can see me for me.The girls refer to themselves as gyaru (gals), although this word is applied to several other fashion looks as well.Aside from the pinned-up skirt and the loose socks, or rusu sokusu, kogals favor platform boots, makeup, and Burberry scarves.

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