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Is vanessa anne hudgens dating anyone

She immediately spoke out about the issue in 2007, saying that she regrets taking the pictures, though Bell denied receiving them.

The couple starred in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, but their romance was short-lived.

They broke up in 2011, but remained on good terms, even doing press for the movie together while she was dating Austin Butler.

People who fell in love with the Disney movie franchise were upset that the romance could not last in real life.

The relationship that saw many ups and downs for about five years allegedly ended in part because Efron’s many female fans got in the way, and Hudgens was reportedly “fed up.”Vanessa Hudges dated Josh Hutcherson before falling for Austin Butler.

The on-screen couple became an off-screen couple in no time, with both Disney stars being the talk of the town.

But the couple broke many hearts when they announced their breakup.

Vanessa opened up about her relationship with Austin as well — she even told the that he reintroduced her to her Christian faith.

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Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson are two of the most talented young actors in Hollywood.

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