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A source at Tattoo Mania confirms that Brown has been tattooed there several times before, but did not plan to get a new tattoo Saturday. On Saturday night, Brown met up with celeb pals Tyrese Gibson, Omarion and actor Keith Robinson at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge L.

Brown and his party were asked to return later in the day because the shop was busy, but they didn’t come back.

It took me a while to figure that out that I was dating for the wrong reasons and that I was essentially unavailable to the women who chose me.

I feel some remorse and guilt for my behavior, but I also accept that it was not intentional on my part.

My self esteem was feeding on the initial experience of being chosen.

Rather than wanting to pursue a relationship, I wanted to go back online and be chosen again.

While it worked to a degree, it also prevented me from moving beyond the grief and left me with a lot of hangovers.

Grief has to be experienced and integrated into our lives or it will persist.

I know it's cliché and goes against all of the advice found in self help books and therapy, but I did these things anyway.

I heard all the advice suggesting I 'give myself time to be single,' 'let myself feel the pain,' and not 'avoid grieving.' I get it.

Rather than (re)learning to esteem myself, I sought the attention of women.

I learned early on that I was not a one-night-stand kind of guy, as much as I wanted to be, but that I needed a level of intimacy to enjoy sex.

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