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The evening started off innocent enough, with Bristol riding the mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles.But toward the end of her ride, another bargoer apparently began yelling inappropriate commentary at Bristol.

Still, there’s plenty of speculation flying about her life, her relationship, her ex and baby daddy, and her mom.

Bristol has always seemed to pride herself on being proper in public, but she decided to have some fun one night while filming her reality TV show.

Numerous blogs gossip about her drama with her mom, her alleged promiscuity, her political views, public clashes with strangers, and her parenting skills.

Now a married mom of three, she’s toned down the public drama a bit.

But it was her choice to move away from home, and the built-in help that was guaranteed.

Still, her sister moved with her and helped out, so it’s not like she was completely alone.

We’ve lost track of how many times Bristol has been filmed or photographed crying while complaining about how hard it is to be a single mom, but here’s one for the record anyway.

When Bristol first moved away from home in Alaska, her son Tripp was a toddler, and we get that that’s difficult.

In 2014, a police report documented Bristol and her sister Willow’s involvement in an altercation at a birthday party.

According to E Online, Bristol told police that a woman pushed Willow to the ground, and that she tried to stand up for her sister, only to be shoved by a man who was with the woman.

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  • The Immoral Minority So Bristol Palin is now back in Texas to.

    Feb 23, 2018. She's the offspring of one who always touted that herrrrrrr family was better than yourrrrrrrs or anyone else's. Bristol is one line of proof that the family is exponentially more fucked up than most everyone else's, evidence that their Christian family values area sham, and 1/5th of the evidence that $arah Palin.…