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It was closely followed by Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Finland as the next happiest places to live.

The World Post, which is published by the Berggruen Institute, is an award-winning global media platform that aims to be a place where the world meets.

We seek to make sense of an interdependent yet fragmenting world by commissioning voices that cross cultural and political boundaries.

So it should come as no surprise that the two actresses came up together, with Watts actually living with Kidman and then-husband Tom Cruise when she first moved to the US.

Though earning steady work throughout the 90s, it wasn’t until David Lynch’s that Watts established herself as a blockbuster artist whose acting chops allow her to take roles most other actresses would shy away from.

The nation has been devastated by civil war as rebels try to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

Recent airstrikes by Russian forces have forced millions to flee towns and cities (a boy being comforted in the rubble in the Syrian city of Aleppo is pictured)The Roman Catholic Church has welcomed the study, declaring that happiness is 'linked to the common good, which makes it central to Catholic social teaching,' according to Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, one of Pope Francis' key advisers at the Vatican. New York Film Academy now has two locations in Australia—Sydney & the Gold Coast. Australian actors are all the buzz from Broadway stage icon Hugh Jackman to sexy Hollywood seductress Nicole Kidman.O’Loughlin doesn’t talk about his relationships, past or present.It is nice to have a Hollywood actor keep his life private for once.The country has been torn apart by civil war and is the poorest nation in the world.Millions of people have been displaced by the violent struggles in the country (refugees on the shorts of Lake Tanganyika pictured) People in Denmark enjoy high levels of job security and will receive state support if they lose their jobs or fall ill.First gaining international critical attention for his demented turn in the 2000 cult classic before Bana embarked on his current career path, which consists of a major Hollywood film separated by a series of indie roles, a path he appears quite comfortable with.While it is nearly impossible to talk about this immensely talented actor without lamenting how he passed away far too soon, Ledger’s career is a fantastic case study in how a genuinely gifted performer can make the transition from teen heartthrob to respected actor, which is just what he did in such Oscar fare as , which made it clear to audiences around the globe that his brightest days were very likely still ahead of him.The UK was ranked in 23rd place in the assessment, after slipping two places from the previous year, while the US came 13th overall, behind Canada in sixth place, followed by the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Israel and Australia.Syria was ranked as the second last country in the happiness report.

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