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The only problem is that I've heard that Iranians don't date outside of their race and even if they do - they only go for dentists, doctors etc.

Using this exact technique (waiting until exactly half of the sample has.

When I look around in the country I live I see a lot better looking and younger looking woman than there.

It’s high in calorie so it’s very common to see folks eat and work out shortly after the meal.

I’ve been told that even Iranian girls are a bit squeamish of this too.

I don’t watch the news much and have very little idea about current world affairs. Iran doesn’t seem to be a big tourist destination, so let me give you a few of the highlights from my time there. Iran actually has 4 seasons; it even snowed shortly after I left.

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Persian Rugs: We went to the Bazaar where they sold the Persian rugs that are sold all around the world.

I was expecting more diversity but it looks like Peugeot is killing it here. I was told that if you ever drive and see one of these cars called niisans (I think) then run away as soon as you can.

On driving: There were a lot of Peugeots (In Tabriz), that are based on the Hillman Hunter design.

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