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Intimidating things to say before a fight

So we do what have to do to get out of the situation safely.

Still, I felt my heartbeat speed up almost instantly while I was suspended in midair, likely because my brain immediately clocked two things: one, that this man already had a hard time taking no for an answer, and two, that he was at least 6'2" and much larger than my 5'1" frame.

I knew in that moment that, had we been somewhere less public, that if he had no intentions of letting me go, this night could have ended very differently.

"You're appeasing someone to prevent more violent behavior," Kim says. Many times — most of the time, I hope — women who sleep with men feel respected, and even if the man is physically bigger and stronger than they are, there's a mutual trust that allows people to make these decisions without triggering their flight-or-flight responses.

go home with someone, we're putting at least a little faith in the idea that they won't hurt us — and sometimes, that faith can fail us in situations that involve consent.

sexual assault, but the way we've been socialized to think of men and women's physical presences affects everything from who we're attracted to (for the most part, straight women are socialized to prefer taller, stronger men), to whether or not a woman feels like she can say no to someone during a sexual encounter.

It's a belief that Kim says is ingrained in both men and women, even though not every man is violent or willing to resort to violence, and it's a belief that plays a role when someone feels threatened, physically or otherwise., [the situation] turns into a safety planning," she says.

It allows digital trails to be used against the reporter and his or her source.

This means, effectively, against the public as well.

The proper system, which prevailed for a long time, is that parliament and the law mandated the police and others who were investigating crime to apply to a judge for an order to obtain journalistic material.

The media was allowed into the hearing so it could put its counter-arguments.

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