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Intimidating tactics

Negotiation Tactics Versus Gamesmanship Negotiation tactics are techniques or actions intended to influence a negotiation.

First, pause for a moment before answering each question.

Second, if you’re being rushed, tell the reporter, “That’s an important point, and I’ll need more than a couple of seconds to answer it.” 5.

If you’re like most people, you feel awkward and start talking again to fill the silence.

Reporters bank on that awkward dynamic and know you’ll say the most damaging things you’ve finished your “official” answer. Accelerating the Tempo In an attempt to force a mistake, reporters may try to increase your stress level.

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Spend those 30 minutes crafting your messages and anticipating the likeliest tough questions before returning the call. “It’ll Look Bad If You Don’t Tell Me” Reporters may try to intimidate you by inferring you will look guilty if you don’t share confidential information with them. But there are many legitimate reasons to withhold information: Companies may withhold proprietary intellectual property (Coke has never revealed its formula), private firms can withhold specific financial data, and many organizations can refuse to disclose personnel records.

Just avoid saying the words, “no comment,” and tell reporters whyyou can’t go into greater detail on those topics instead. Dead Air Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who just keeps looking at you when you’ve finished talking?

Below are five intimidating tactics reporters use to get information out of you – and five ways to defeat their cleverly-laid traps. “I’m On Deadline and Need an Answer Now” Reporters know that the more time you have to prepare for an interview, the less likely it is you’ll say something damaging.

So they’ll try to catch you off-guard, calling you 30 minutes before their “deadline.” They’ll say they need an answer now – and if you refuse, they’ll unsubtly threaten to tell their audience you refused to comment. Calmly tell them you’re eager to cooperate, but that you’re in the middle of something and need a half-hour to finish.

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