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Intimidating shout bandage macro

A very handy ability that should be used whenever the situation permits. It gives your entire group massive amounts of melee attack power (with full talents, 381 AP - or increasing melee DPS by 27.2) for a paltry rage cost.

It should be up ALL the time until you get Commanding Shout, and even then in most situations you're often better off keeping Battle Shout active. Commanding Shout Description: Commanding Shout is a very handy ability that is somewhat hampered by the fact that you cannot use both it and Battle Shout at the same time unless there are two Warriors, one providing each.

It's worth noting that from an item-level standpoint, the benefit it provides isn't as strong as Battle Shout's - it provides the equivalent of 73 Stamina to the group, whereas Battle Shout provides the equivalent of 152.5 Strength.

Most useful in groups where some or all of your party members will not benefit from Battle Shout's attack power boost, or in tanking situations where the increased survivability outweighs the increased threat/damage from Battle Shout.

It costs a great deal of Rage as it absorbs your next attack, and that Rage is almost always better spent on other attacks.

Typically you'll only use this with a two-handed weapon in true unlimited Rage situations (such as being focus-fired in Pv P) or before you have access to any other real attacks.

When you're in an Ao E situation this is really, really useful since you're doing slightly more than doubling your normal attack damage, and it includes the same hit table functionality that can make Heroic Strike so nice.

Additionally, Cleave does cause some additional threat despite what the tooltip says, making it very useful for tanking multiple mobs.

Additionally, special attacks cannot glance, which gives this ability an even greater damage bonus. Finally, when using a sword-and-board it's an effective threat generation ability that does not trigger the global cooldown.

This allows you to increase your threat output in situations where you are able to keep your normal threat rotation on cooldown regardless.

This ability, more than anything else, is why as a Warrior you will be in Berserker stance 90% of the time in Pv P - so as to have access to your fear break when needed.

Moreover, it's useful in Pv E so as to break or prevent fears against bosses that use that ability as well as to provide huge amounts of Rage when in an Ao E situation.

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