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Intimidating saurus rex

It has sharp jagged spikes going down its head to its tail.

Afterward, as newer players learned of the Terror and its skin, they became jealous of the few players that had the rare dino and angry that they had missed the event.

In less than a month, newer players and players that hadn't been able to buy the Pitch during the initial event began to develop and spread ways of hacking to get their hands on the precious creatures. Until patches, exploiters and hackers became about as common and irritating as the Abrasive Giganotosaurus was, and the value and rarity of the Terror dropped exponentially.

The Terror was an incredibly rare sight, with possibly only around one out in a hundred servers containing the infamous carnivore, with the only two dinosaurs able to counter the Terror in terms of stats being the Sauroposeidon and the Mosasaurus Sea Master, (the regular Mosasaurus, at the time, being much weaker than the Sea Master).

As the time for Black Friday rolled around, Dinosaur Simulator became more and more popular, and the player count went from around 80 to over 500; the demand for the oh-so-rare Kaijus and Movies dinosaurs was too much.

After the Pitch was released, the regular Terror became less popular - it was the more common and cheaper of the two; those who only had the Albino rather than the Pitch were considered lower in status.

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After the event ended, while Pitch was nowhere near as rare as the regular Terror was post-event, the Pitch became a symbol of the most elite players, as very few had enough DNA to even consider buying the beast, and the Albino was pushed into the background.

Chicken Engineer has confirmed that the both of these dinosaurs will not be sold again, so the only way to get them is through trading.

This preserves the rarity of the Terror along with the Megavore, and also prevents the game from 'breaking' due to the amount of hybrids.

The terror roar is a cracking, high-pitched, ear-shredding roar with a moaning vocal undertone that can be heard from far away White base color with small, black eyes and glowing red pupils.

It has a very smooth body, with a feather-like tail.

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