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Intimidating pinball

Stern’s main man John Borg designed this table, and it shows.Lots of ramps, smooth ball flow, and a fun toy smack dab in the middle of the playfield: the Recognizer.

We recommend the LE version of this game if for no other reason than that this toy is motorized instead of being a static model like in the Pro version.

What a cool idea—the Recognizer’s area is an enclosed space with targets and a spinning disc! The fast-paced flow combined with the challenging game modes and unpredictable ball behavior caused by magnets make for short, quarter-guzzling rounds. This table is based on the first two Iron Man movies. The latter is the highlight of the table; when he rises out of the playfield, blocking your ball’s path and threatening to drop the ball straight down the middle, he leaves a lasting (and intimidating) impression. We recommend the Vault Edition of this table due to the technological and material upgrades it received from Stern. Metallica (2013) John Borg on this list four times in a row! For this game, he managed to transfer the aggressive and dark tone of Metallica’s music over to the playfield.

The audio clips are excellent, the visual style and lighting effects are great, and the flow of the game is oh-so-smooth. We also hope to see similar lists of Stern tables pop up around the internet in the near future.

We can even recommend the Pro version this time around, since Stern included LED lights for the first time in their “cheap version” of this pin. It definitely deserves the #1 spot in this countdown. In the meantime, though, we hope you enjoyed this top 10 list.

We’ve been slowly coming upon this moment for a few months now. Before we get to it, please allow us to briefly explain our process of decision.

If you have been following our blog recently, then you know it was just a matter of time before we threw down the gauntlet and boldly proclaimed the best Stern Pinball machines of all time. Four of our staff members volunteered to participate in the polling process: 1. ) The polling process used methods far too complicated to explain in detail here, but trust us when we say the tallying of points was both rigorous and meticulous. None of that is true, actually, but what is true is how serious we take the following list.

In the words of our very own sales manager (Josh), “Shit band, great pinball! But he’s right—regardless of your feelings for the band, this table is ace.

Of particular note, this pin features a playlist of twelve hits from Metallica, and the 3D model of Sparky casually sitting in an electric chair at the top of the playfield is both charming and memorable, though we’re not really sure why. The Walking Dead (2014) We’ve reached the top three tables!

It’s really fun sending the ball straight in there and watching the chaos unfold. Seriously, this table doesn’t have much in the way of gimmicks or aesthetic distractions—just old fashioned, fast and rough pinball at its finest.

This could easily be mistaken for a classic pin from the 90s. Even if you aren’t a fan of Metallica, you’ll love this game.

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