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Intelligence and dating

In their conclusions, they said: ‘Most extant explanations (of a negative relation) share one central theme - the premise that religious beliefs are irrational, not anchored in science, not testable and, therefore, unappealing to intelligent people who ‘know better’.

I had some free time over the holidays and wrote this article to showcase, on the basis of a personal story, many highly actionable, science-based, approaches and tools that can be used to significantly enhance intelligence.

And with respect to intelligence enhancement, once you fall off that train, you will never get back on.

Besides pretty sure most of us will know the above to be true from personal experience. Peter, other leading health-optimizers and I recommend the Oura ring.

I for one feel like a moron in the afternoon after undersleeping. Use the code “sergef” to get $100 off their new version; I do not earn a referral fee from this (they kindly offered, I declined). The world does not get to tell you not to do what you want.

In my case these include legal/illegal drugs; using sex as a biohacking tool; drinking ketone esters; using beta blockers or testosterone to gain advantage in negotiations; eating only once a day; and a lot more.

I’m a cliche Silicon Valley techie —Russian, Stanford, YCombinator, started a couple large/successful companies, working in artificial intelligence now (Mirror Emoji Keyboard, basically using the popularity of emoji as a backdoor into building the most powerful face-perception AI in the world).

My previous article detailed how, as a 32-year old with no medical problems, I spent ~$200k on enhancing my health. Aggressive bioenhancement of human abilities has long been a sci-fi dream/nightmare.

Thousands of tests, medical teams, dozens of prescription drugs. It shows many health benefits — 3–4x reduction in body fat, very high athletic performance (VO2Max ~70), negligible inflammatory processes, 80% increase in testosterone, and improvements to many biomarkers of aging. The article became extremely popular and reached millions of readers. And (if you read the previous article) here is concrete evidence and a lot of data that show it is I think that what we are doing with biohacking is the beginning of humanity’s split into separate species.

In the last year I read ~40 books took ~8 online classes (list of recommendations here) learned to code; started a new company (Mirror Emoji Keyboard) raised the highest-valuation Q1 seed round in Silicon Valley launched a highly-rated product that may well create material financial wealth; wrote biohacking articles that reached millions of readers and helped meet amazing like-minded leaders in Silicon Valley; slept 8.5 hours on average (proofpic in sleep section! Carried forward in life by some combination of luck, total denial, and extreme ambition. And I’d never admit it back then to others, or to myself, but my life fucking sucked. Let’s use all the medical technology we can get to enhance our intelligence. Reinvest all of it over years and decades into building intellectual, financial, social and physiological wealth. If anyone wants all the science, look into this book — it references hundreds of studies many of which the author (the director of the UC Berkeley Sleep Lab and one of the world’s leading sleep neuroscientists) performed himself. Even minor sleep deprivation (sleeping 6–7 hours); circadian shift (changing sleep time by 1–2 hours a day from one night to the next); or reduction in Deep NREM or REM sleep reduce our intelligence in the following ways: Plus on top of the Things That Make Us Stupid above, we have: worsened insulin resistance, cancer, cardiovascular disease, car crash risk, athletic performance etc.

) worked out every week and meditated every other day; made amazing new friends went on awesome drug trips had great sex lived all over the world. And excited about continuing this growth trajectory every year for decades. I don’t have time to link all the studies but it is in the book.

We can talk about those of us who have them as “smart” and those who do not as “stupid.” This will piss some of you off, but it really is time we stop pretending we are all equally smart.

That sounds nice and PC, but the claim that everyone has roughly the same ability to achieve complex goals is patently false.

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