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It’s OK if you can’t place your finger on why something your date (or short-term partner) did or said made you want to cringe and escape, but, hey, it happened. From dudes who propose orgies and politely encourage you to relieve yourself on them, to women who put down wait staff and offer up their breast milk to sample (for reals) — there’s no shortage of ridiculousness out there.

So next time you feel bad writing off that person for ordering chicken in a steakhouse, don’t worry about it.

The money came from local, state and national sources.

The most active investors in the second quarter were Silverton Partners of Austin, New Enterprise Associates of Menlo Park, Calif. Osage Partners of Pennsylvania, Live Oak Venture Partners of Austin, Correlations Ventures of San Diego, Sante Ventures of Austin and Mercury Partners Management of Houston all had two deals each during the second quarter, according to the report.

Sure, we all have dealbreakers and dating turn-offs.

You may prefer tall, while others could care less if they tower over their date or not.

The Austin and Texas’ venture capital investment trends are also consistent with national trends, Hornsten said.

With the national data, the second quarter is the largest quarter since 2000 with .5 billion of venture capital invested in 1,189 deals in the second quarter of 2015, according to the Money Tree Report.

“Driven by a strengthening fundraising environment, the venture ecosystem deployed more capital to the innovation economy in the second quarter than any period in the last fifteen years.

While this uptick can be partly attributed to non-traditional investors joining funding rounds, venture continues to lead the way in deploying capital to the most promising new technologies and companies,” Bobby Franklin, President and CEO of NVCA, said in a news release.

In the largest deal for the quarter, the report showed Mirna Therapeutics, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, received .8 million, followed by ATX Innovation, a mobile payment app doing business as Tabbed Out, with .5 million and Illumitex Inc., LED lights, with .2 million, all based in Austin.

“One trend that I would observe, particularly if you look at the first quarter and second quarter of 2015, is the increase in biotechnology deals,” Hornsten said.

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