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You write on the e-mail the following statements: Did you notice in the meeting yesterday how the boss made that stupid remark about the department being reorganized?You would think anyone with his/her years of education would be a little more careful.

The company has every right to read your e-mail, and courts are continuing to uphold the organization's right to look at all your e-mail.

The company, after all, pays your salary and pays for the use of your computer equipment.

To think we have to work for a company that hires such incompetent individuals. You could expect, at the least, to be reprimanded for your insensitive remarks.

At the worst, you could be brought up on charges of incompetence and perhaps fired from your position.

Two important books I have found helpful in understanding e-mail include: Phishing, in lay person's terms, means someone is lurking around your e-mail to find your files and read your messages.

Have you had the experience of having your bank or your university write you and say your bank statements or your university mail will not work after a certain time?When you write an e-mail, you are, in effect, creating a memo with all the memo components.Often, you see differences in the format of document.For example, in Pine Mail, you notice that the "To" line, "From," and the "Subject" line are included.You may also notice the "cc" and "Attachments section of the e-mail format. Make sure that you weigh your words carefully in sending an e-mail.Flaming is to be avoided at all costs in writing and sending e-mail.You never know who else will read your correspondence.When you check this link on e-mail assistance, you will find help from the U. If you are interested in some emoticons (special symbols to sign e-mail) and hints on improving e-mail, look up the smileys and e-mail hints or extra hints .The American Management Association, one of the most prestigious professional organizations in the country, has recently published a style manual, The AMA Style Guide for Business Writing, as part of its continuing publications program.Here are the questions we should ask: Did higher level or status employees send better e-mails?Did middle status employees get to the point to save their bosses time?

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