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Tickets to the 'Sex Island Experience' are still being sold by Good Girls Company for US00 each, with seven of the original 30 still remaining - despite someone claiming to be the organiser has said it's been cancelled.

The book contains the scripts for three of Kipnis' videotapes and several essays which range form a critique of theories of the avant garde to colonialism.

The best of the group has to be '(Male) Desire and (Female) Disgust: Reading Hustler,' which is an amazing argument for the radical potential of Hustler magazine based on an analysis of the notion of disgust.

Through various narrative ploys and theoretical tactics, the tape attempts to recover traces of a "political unconscious" in contemporary social malaise.

Kipnis practices humor as well as social critique; she employs fragmented situation comedy, documentary, songs, animation, and narration to develop an analysis linking discourses of liberation to thriving sex and therapy industries.

"It is unacceptable that they want us to sell as a sexual destination. Cartagena will not allow it," the city's mayor Sergio Londono said on Twitter after the event made international headlines.

Mr Londono was then contacted on Twitter by someone calling themselves Michael and claiming to be the organiser of the Sex Island Experience.

A unique collection of essays on popular culture, politics, aesthetics, feminism, and postmodernism, along with complete scripts from three of Kipnis' videotapes.

"Laura Kipnis has made the leap from artist to theorist (or was it the other way around?

'Michael' apologised for causing any inconvenience and said due to security reasons, the event had been cancelled.

Colombia's Secretary of the Interior Fernando NiƱo also said the Sex Island Experience would not be allowed to happen because it "goes against [the nation's] integral security plan".

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