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Imap folders updating cached headers

Wanderlust expects IMAP servers to tell it about new mail via a ‘Recent’ field.Since Gmail and some other IMAP servers do not supply a meaningful value for this field, new mail notification does not work.If two unrelated emails share the same subject, wl might/will group them together as being part of the same thread, to disable this set wl-summary-search-parent-by-subject-regexp to nil.

The current limit is 100000 Messages – you might have to adjust this limit by setting the variable is set too small. The problem seems to be that elmo doesn’t realize that the connection its IMAP or other connection has timed out on the other side, and so keeps trying it.

You can work around it by typing M-t M-t when you come back from hibernation.

As a consequence, there may occur some problems with unicode support. choose just a file and then you’re sure it will work) please describe it here.

They can be fixed by using a snapshot from the CVS repository. Try M-x mime-edit-insert-file RET and answer some questions (file name, content type and subtype and transfer encoding). Then don’t touch the text that is added to your message. Because ‘v’, in the summary window, hides the message-reading window, but if you hit ‘v’ without realizing that the cursor is in the message window, wl launches an external process which (on my machine) never produces any output and never terminates.

Both are lists whose elements are regular expressions that are used to determine which headers are displayed and which are not.

If you for instance only want a basic set of headers like From:, To:, Cc:, Subject: and Date: to be displayed you could set these variables as followed: in the above lists, so that you can see if there’s an attachment in the message.Back to sending html messages: Putting code below in your startup file adds following four functions:' and replaces original body with a multipart MIME entity with the plain text version of body and the html markup version.Thus a recipient that prefers html messages can see the html markup, recipients that prefer or depend on plain text can see the plain text.(defun dmj/wl-send-html-message () "Send message as html message.By default wanderlust is designed to use Namazu, but you can easily replace it with mu search.Once you have mu setup you can integrate it into wanderlust with the following in either your or : Release 2.14 was created before emacs23 was released.Convert body of message to html using `org-export-region-as-html'." (require 'org) (save-excursion (let (beg end html text) (goto-char (point-min)) (re-search-forward "^--text follows this line--$") ;; move to beginning of next line (beginning-of-line 2) (setq beg (point)) (if (not (re-search-forward "^--\[\[" nil t)) (setq end (point-max)) ;; line up (end-of-line 0) (setq end (point))) ;; grab body (setq text (buffer-substring-no-properties beg end)) ;; convert to html (with-temp-buffer (org-mode) (insert text) ;; handle signature (when (re-search-backward "^-- \n" nil t) ;; preserve link breaks in signature (insert "\n# BEGIN_VERSE\n") (goto-char (point-max)) (insert "\n# END_VERSE\n") ;; grab html (setq html (org-export-region-as-html (point-min) (point-max) t 'string)))) (delete-region beg end) (insert (concat "--" "\n"))))) (defun dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggle () "Toggle sending of html message." (interactive) (setq dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggled-p (if dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggled-p nil "HTML")) (message "Sending html message toggled %s" (if dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggled-p "on" "off"))) (defun dmj/wl-send-html-message-draft-init () "Create buffer local settings for maybe sending html message." (unless (boundp 'dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggled-p) (setq dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggled-p nil)) (make-variable-buffer-local 'dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggled-p) (add-to-list 'global-mode-string '(:eval (if (eq major-mode 'wl-draft-mode) dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggled-p)))) (defun dmj/wl-send-html-message-maybe () "Maybe send this message as html message.If buffer local variable `dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggled-p' is non-nil, add `dmj/wl-send-html-message' to `mime-edit-translate-hook'." (if dmj/wl-send-html-message-toggled-p (add-hook 'mime-edit-translate-hook 'dmj/wl-send-html-message) (remove-hook 'mime-edit-translate-hook 'dmj/wl-send-html-message))) (add-hook 'wl-draft-reedit-hook dmj/wl-send-html-message-draft-init) (add-hook 'wl-mail-setup-hook 'dmj/wl-send-html-message-draft-init) (add-hook 'wl-draft-send-hook 'dmj/wl-send-html-message-maybe) .To learn Luna, the tiny OOP core that powers WL, reading Peter Seibel’s “Practical Common Lisp”, Chapter 16 and 17 is highly recommended link.This book is worth reading not just for understanding WL.If you use the hibernate script for hibernation/suspend, you can add a scriptlet /etc/hibernate/scriptlets.d/wanderlust that will do this for you automatically; here’s a very simple example: A better way to do this would be to check each running emacsserver instance.In any case I found this didn’t always solve the problem, possibly because plugging back in after resume may occur before your new internet connection has been negotiated, which would give you the same issue.

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