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It was the first time a girl replied on the first email, saying she wanted to meet up for sex. For the next few hours, I kept wondering if there would be some issue with her, maybe she claimed to be a woman and was a man, maybe she was twice as old as she claimed, maybe she was a "working professional" and will hit me with a fat bill when I see her.

Adult is the most popular adult dating site, not only in the US, but globally as well.

It boasts, and lives up to the hype, of the world's largest sex and swinger dating site, and in fact has the most active members of all sites I reviewed.

AFF is part of Friend Finder Networks and is located in Sunnyvale, California, USA.

As far as the website itself, AFF is a massive website. I'm not saying it's easy to hookup with people in Boston if you live in Los Angeles, but at least the potential is there. Naturally there's a lot of people wanting to hook up, but there's also a very large swinger community, a partnership with a live sex cam site, movies on demand, member posted videos, a large chat community, as well as erotic stories and forums where people their erotic fantasies with other members.

I have other stories, more about women wanting to experiment, but the overall message here is my experience was a good one on AFF.

I failed in the first month, but when I hit my stride, I was getting laid 4-5 times a week, and during some low times, maybe once every 2 weeks.Right now I took a break to explore other sex dating sites.As mentioned before, I started off as a free standard member, however standard membership has a lot of limitations on what you can do.I found it very convenient that this company is located in the USA and publically lists their contact information.I will sign up again later, and I would recommend this to any of my friends.I'll spare you the details, except the awkard feeling..was almost like she was hoping someone would walk in on us, or maybe someone was already watching us and I didn't bother to look around the room?Needless to say it made a great story to tell at the bar.Currently my profile is inactive, and I cancelled my membership.The process was easy enough, for your convenience I also listed all of their billing and customer service information.Unfortunately it took me a month to figure out I was that caveman.Don't repeat my mistake, you'll ending up sleeping with someone in no time. Hit up a lot of girls, be persistent, but not stalker persistent, and not over needy persistent. I found that most girls need some type of time investment up front from you (don't get me wrong, there are some that need to know you have money, but not all).

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