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I will briefly review the definition of each factor.

Affection is, quite simply, the expression of love." The expression of love symbolizes security, protection, comfort, and approval which are the vital ingredients in any relationship.

47.5%; however, the growth rate of women on the Internet has been steadily rising while men use of the Internet has been declining since 1995 (Headcount, Online).

Financial Support is often one of the reasons for marriage. But, like many of the emotional needs, financial support is sometimes hard to talk about.

As a result, many couples have hidden expectations, assumptions, and resentments.

While possessing these factors are how couples can maintain a good, loving relationship, the couples must also be sure that they avoid withdrawing these factors from their relationship.

Each couple should first determine five of the ten emotional needs and prioritize them in order of importance to them and then work toward meeting them.

Furthermore, AOL is still growing -- at the rate of a million a month!

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online users is 79 million (Neilson Media Research, Online) out of the current U. For the first time, in a June 1988 report, women now make up over half of AOL’s subscribers (Tech Web, Online).

When our spouses reveal their most private thoughts, some of us feel happy and fulfilled.

On the other hand, when our spouses hide their feelings and thoughts from us, we become frustrated.

An Attractive Spouse refers to the physical appearance. Based on the couples that he has met, for many, the need for attractive spouses continue throughout the marriage. Choice of clothing, hair style, makeup, and personal hygiene are other factors that make a person attractive.

Some individuals consider finding your partner physically attractive to be a temporary stage, which is only important in the beginning of a relationship; as the couples get to know each other better, physical attractiveness should then take a back seat to deeper and more intimate needs. Of course, attractiveness is in the eyes of the beholder, so you are the judge of attractiveness.

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