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At first, you’ll be talking on the phone all day long, texting how much you miss each other, and video chatting every chance you get.

It’s all about staying on your girl enough for her to feel like you’re there with her.

Call, text, visit, and send gifts without suffocating her. If you’ve got beef, squash it when you’re around one another, otherwise she’s bound to go cry on the shoulder of the next guy she sees.

In her weekly column, she gives Complex readers insight into what today's young women really think about love, sex, and relationships.

If anybody asked me whether they should get into a long-distance relationship, I’d tell them to call it a wrap and move onto the next one.

The same goes for those who constantly travel for work purposes.

It’s too damn easy to fly into a new city, bang a stranger, and keep it moving like nothing ever happened.

Like tending to a flower, you have to be there to shower your boo with love and attention everyday, otherwise the love is bound to wither and die.

You see, people frequently make claims that all boys are this and that way, while all girls are completely different. Men and women are not nearly as different as people claim, most of the differences you do observe are differences in behaviour that we've been socialized to display, not innate biological differences.

As long as you're not so preoccupied with sex and/or masturbation that it interferes negatively with the rest of your life, there is nothing whatsoever to worry about.

You're a healthy young woman, and your high libido will likely be a considerable source of joy for both you and any future partners of yours.

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