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A roundtrip flight from New York to Vegas will cost you just 25,000 – meaning your bonus gets you flights for two.Meanwhile if you also use the Starwoods card to spend ,000 in three months you get 25,000 “Starpoints.” Starwoods is the high-end hotel operator now owned by Marriott.But there are seven pitfalls for which you have to look out: 1. Some cards try to ding you 0 – or even more – per year for the privilege of carrying their plastic. Go for cards with no fees, or which give you at least the first year for free. I learned in school that a “mile” was a standard, universally-agreed-upon measure. Everyone’s “miles” and “bonuses” are now different. Now I typically use new cards as soon as I get them. Or if you use them for annual donations to charity. Yes, opening too many cards in too short a period can ding your FICO score. FICO says new credit issues in total only account for 10% of your score.

Sometimes they can approach that holy grail of personal finance, something for nothing. Card companies are so desperate to get new customers and get their product in your wallet that they will give away a lot just to get you on the hook.

And there is no law, and there are few difficulties, to stop you from taking the bonus and spitting out the hook. If you don’t believe me about the bonuses, consider this: The smart use of just two cards – the American Airlines Citi/AAdvantage Platinum Select card and the Starwood Preferred American Express Card – could get you a free trip to Paris, including a fancy hotel room, or a free roundtrip trip to Las Vegas for two.

Likewise don't leave your email logged in so that someone else can see messages your getting from other members.

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I prefer to get cards branded to a specific airline or hotel, so then I can work out before I sign up exactly what I’m getting. But if they just encourage you to go out and spend money you wouldn’t spend otherwise, then you’re not saving, you’re losing. So don’t sign up for a card just when you start planning that trip to Vegas. But clearly you want to keep an eye on it, especially if you think you’re going to need to use your credit score – for example to get a new mortgage or car loan – in the near future. The people who pay those helped pay for your rewards. And most of all, tune your strategy to your personality type and situation.

This is a surprisingly important topic that gets ignored by most personal finance gurus. If you’re someone who is not great with details or who has a ridiculously complicated life, and you are likely to forget about your bonus miles, or forget to pay the bill on time, steer clear.

I usually steer clear of personal finance gimmicks, but in one case I make an exception.

Credit card sign-up bonuses can be remarkably good deals, even when you factor in the fine print.

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