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Holy shroud carbon dating

The fabric is linen, spun with a Z twist, and woven in a three to one (herringbone) twill.

This tradition matches the historical vicissitudes of the Holy Shroud, although the documentation of the Turin Shroud can only be considered absolutely certain and complete from the mid fourteenth century onwards.

However, the concordant results of historical, scientific, iconographic and archaeological research have made it possible to reconstruct the movements of the burial wrapping of Christ during the previous period with a fair degree of certainty.

Nor would he have known that the thumb automatically bends brusquely down when the wrist is pierced.

The blood and serum that flowed out of the chest wound came from an injury produced after the death of the Man of the Shroud. John's gospel (-34), was already dead when he was struck by the lance .

The parts of the figure that would have been in closest contact with the cloth, such as the forehead, nose, chin and chest are deeper in colour.

Other parts are less intense, fading away completely where the body would have been furthest from contact with the fabric.Pia himself told of how he nearly dropped the large glass negative plate (customary for the photography of the time) when on the photographic negative he saw the positive figure of a man emerging, for the first time visible in natural contrast, with lifelike highlights and shadows as on a real photograph.The man's body was well-proportioned and well-built, with a majestic countenance.In the central part of the Shroud, between the fire marks, appear the impressions of the back and front of a full-size human figure.Although the image is not lit from any angle (a necessary expedient in painting and photography in order to give depth to the figure through the contrast of light and shade) it appears all the same to be in relief through the effect of different shades of light brown.I asked Pilate to be given your body in order to place it in the new sepulchre that I own, in a garden not far away from here. However, what kind of Easter could it be, Lord, if you are in a tomb?Let the brightness of this linen absorb your sufferings, let it wipe your blood and clean the spits. Help us to believe in what you told us, Lord, even though I see you lying lifeless".They are reddish in colour and flat (in other words without relief) and the outlines of the stains are clearcut: they do not fade away at the edges.It seems that a substance has been transferred onto the cloth, leaving a part of itself on the fabric.The imprint on the Shroud therefore behaves like a naturally negative image, with the exception of the bloodstains and the marks of the wounds, as will be explained below.In 1931 an Italian professional photographer, Giuseppe Enrie, took a new and more definitive set of photographs which confirmed the extraordinary nature of the imprint on the Shroud.

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