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But don’t just look for unexplained receipts for expensive restaurant meals and gifts, explains Filler.

“Many of our clients have separate accounts and sometimes don’t know exactly how much is in each but suddenly find there is generally just less left at the end of each month,” she said.

“The way we work and where we work has changed a great deal over the last 10 years.The truth is that cheaters rarely get caught “red-handed creeping on the girl next door” because most of them, Shaggy excluded, are pretty good at covering their tracks.According to Yvonne Filler, who runs The Affair Clinic in London, there are five hidden signs to look out for - and they might surprise you.“One of our clients this year became suspicious when her husband became unnaturally interested in doing the school run, something he’d made excuses not to do for years.“Add this to his desire to work at home more (especially when she was out for the day) and she wasn’t surprised when she found out he was having an affair with another mum from school.” When a person is having an affair, it can be all to easy to fancy yourself as the next Agatha Christie and start delving into the murky depths of their finances.The industry is full of especially Asian female migrants and international students, lured by the promise of easy money to provide massage with "extra" services.But they are often left to fend for themselves, in terms of their workplace rights, safety and health.Insiders give her the details, and while they speak anonymously, they don't consider their gatherings scandalous."On the contrary, they speak proudly about how they’re overturning traditions and paradigms in their private lives, just as they do in the technology world they rule," writes Chang.One might expect a sexual deviant to spend hours using technology as a means of communicating with their paramour, maybe they even have a second secret phone.“Technology has without doubt made affairs easier,” says Filler.

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